GVFPL Unit, Kalol, Vadodara

Year of Establishment : 1990

This company is pioneer in manufacturing of wide range of copper master alloys. Due to its stringent control on quality and timely deliveries, it enjoys Numero Uno position in the country for supply of copper master alloys and has acquired customer base all over the world. The company can boast of prestigious customers India, Africa, Iran, Philippines, Australia and many other countries.

GVFPL Unit 2, Manjusar, Vadodara

Year of Establishment : 2019

After starting with the product line of Vedanta Extrusions, the unit has come up with innovative projects of recycling wastes and low grade scraps. It has set up a spent catalyst recycling plant of around 1000 MT/year capacity and is capable of recycling various catalyst containing Molybdenum, Vanadium, Nickel etc and producing a wide range of finished products that are suitable for steel industry for production of special category alloy steel.
Also we have set up a LME grade A copper cathode production line using low grade copper dust generated at various sister concerns. Process uses state of art Leach-SX-EW technology to produce highest quality of cathodes in cost effective and environment friendly way.

GVFPL Unit 3, Manjusar, Vadodara

Year of Establishment : 2021

This is the latest project with state of art technology to produce LME grade A copper cathodes. It uses various types of copper scraps as raw material. The unit boasts of world class fire refining and electro-refining to refine the metal to world class standards and highly sought after product by its customers.
The company is set up with initial. production capacity of 6,000 MT/annum capacity with mix of indigenously developed and imported equipment. It has set expansion plans for increasing capacity to 10,000 MT/annum capacity by year 2024-25.

Vedanta Copper Extrusions Pvt Ltd,

Waghodia, Vadodara

Year of Establishment : 2006

This company specializes in manufacturing of various extruded products of copper like bus bars, copper tubes and various specialized sections. It has customer base all across the country. 👁

Singhal Sheets and Foils Pvt Ltd,

Year of Establishment : 2015

Manjusar, Vadodara

This company specializes in manufacturing of various copper, brass and specializes in making alloys foils of various thickness and width. It serves to the major customers like ABB, Siemens etc within India and across the world. Due to its state of art technology, it is able to maintain very high quality standards continuously which is customers delight.  👁